2017 Cleaning Technology Lecturer I

日期  Date: 2017/02/22 (星期三) 13:30~16:00 含中場休息、Q&A

地點  Venue:台灣大學 竹北分部 碧禎館 2樓205會議室
Room 205 of  ZhuBei Branch Campus, National Taiwan University

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 ♣ 主講人 Speaker: Dr Mike Czerniak
Environmental Solutions Business Development Manager. Edwards Co.(part of Atlas Copco) Visiting professor, Bristol University, UK, School of Chemistry
Mike gained his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Manchester University (UK) in 1982. Starting his professional career with Philips, initially in their UK R+D labs & subsequently in the fab in Nijmegen, Holland, Mike has worked in the semiconductor business. He had subsequent marketing roles at UK-based OEMs Cambridge Instruments, VSW and VG Semicon before joining Edwards 21 years ago. He has held various technical and marketing positions before beginning his current role 2 years ago. Mike has numerous published articles and patents to his name, co-chairs a SEMI standards committee, participates in the IRDS, is a UK PFC “expert” on IPCC and has authored chapters on Vacuum and Environmental issues in the forthcoming Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook.
       Mike在1982年於曼徹斯特大學獲得了電機工程博士學位。他在英國飛利浦的R+D實驗室開始了他的職業生涯,隨後到了位於荷蘭Nijmegen的實驗室做有關半導體方面的工作。21年前他加入Edwards公司。之前,他曾在英國的一些OEM公司做有關行銷方面的工作,包括 Cambridge儀器,VSW以及VG半導體公司。在Edwards公司,他兩年前開始現在的職位,之前他做過很多技術及營銷的職位。他發表很多的文章以及專利. 他擔任一SEMI(國際半導體設備暨材料協會)標準委員會的共同主席、他也加入了IRDS,他是英國IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,政府間氣候變化專門委員會)有關PFC方面的”專家”,他也撰寫了即將出版的”半導體製造手冊”中有關真空以及環境議題方面的章節。

♣ 講題  Topics:Revision of IPCC Default PFC Emission Factors (含中文解說) 
The IPCC (the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published standard default values for the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in 2006 (2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories,http://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/public/2006gl/) for a comprehensive spectrum of sources, ranging from agricultural to industrial sectors. At the  26th Meeting of Task Force Bureau (TFB) (28 – 29 August 2014, Ottawa) it was concluded that to maintain the scientific validity of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines, certain refinements may be required, taking into account scientific and other technical advances that have matured sufficiently since 2006. For instance wetlands emit more methane than previously assumed, and aluminium smelting may emit PFC gases during times between anode events. With this in mind, a task force (Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, TFI) has been established to review all available data with a view to publishing a new document in 2019.
The new report will be an update to the 2006 document – and specifically NOT a fundamentally new document – and only where significant new data has come to light will changes be made. A scoping meeting was held in Wollongong in April 2016 and Table of Contents follow-up in Minsk in August, with nominations for authors made by the end of 2016. 2017 is the year of data collection, 2018 is report writing, and 2019 is UN approval (IPCC49) and publication.Four areas are being considered: Unidentified sources of perfluorocarbons (PFCs), Emissions from soils, Land representation and Emissions from flooded land. Of particular interest to the semiconductor industry will be consideration of the differences between the 2006 IPCC emission factors and the more recent EPA factors and other potential PFC emission sources, such as the manufacture of the PFC gases themselves. I will consider potential impacts for the Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry.
       2006年,IPCC公布了溫室氣體(GHGs)的排放標準. (http://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/public/2006gl/),這個標準排放含蓋多數的領域,從建築業到工業方面都包含了。在第26屆的Meeting of Task Force Bureau(TFB)(2014年8月28-29日,渥太華) 中提到,為了保持2006年IPCC指標的科學有效性,以及考量到自2006年來科技以及技術的進步,一些改進是必要的。舉例來說,濕地比原先假設排放的更多甲烷,以及在冶鍊鋁時的陽極事件可能會排放PFC氣體。考慮到這一點,專案組(Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, TFI)已經審查了所有現有數據,以期在2019年出版一份新文件。
      新的文件將會是2006年文件的升級版, 不是一個新的文件,只修重要的新數據。2016年4月在Australia之Wollongong市舉行了範圍界定會議,8月在蘇俄的明斯克討論目錄,並在2016年年底提交了作者提名。”IPCC 溫室氣體(GHGs)排放標準”出版期程如下:2017年是數據收集年,2018年是報告撰寫年,2019年是聯合國批准(IPCC49)和出版年。
      此次演講中, 會談到四個領域:尚未被識別的全氟化碳源(PFCs)、土壤的PFC排放量(具代表性的土壤以及氾濫地的的土壤), 2006年IPCC排放標準與更新的EPA排放標準之差異, 和其它潛在的PFC排放源之,像是PFC氣體本身的製造過程, 這些皆為半導體工業特別感興趣的。台灣半導體產業之PFC潛在影響因子亦將說明。

主持人 Moderator: 臺北科技大學 胡石政教授  ( Prof. SC Hu ,   NTUT  )

主辦 Organizer:
• 臺北科技大學潔淨技術研發中心 (Center for Clean Technology Research. NTUT)
• 台大高科技廠房設施研究中心 (High-Tech Facility Research Center NTU)

協辦 Co-organizer:
• 中華潔淨技術協會 (Taiwan Cleaning Technology Association )

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